18 May 2022

State award for Ride for a Brighter Side fundraiser

The Ride for a Brighter Side charity event at The Valleys Lifestyle Centre received a high commendation award in the South Australia Parks and Leisure Association (PLA) Community Based Event category on Thursday 12 May.

YMCA South Australia, which manages the centre for the Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council, provided its support to the community fundraising event for suicide prevention through the locally based Kade MacDonald Foundation.

The 12-hour event at The Valleys Lifestyle Centre involved teams riding static cycles continuously to raise money for the support of mental health for young and vulnerable community members, particularly school-aged children.

Further support from the Clare and regional community culminated in the event, held in October 2021, raising close to $59,000 for mental health support.

The Valleys Lifestyle Centre Manager, Ben Whalan, said the award, presented at the PLA state conference, was great recognition for so many who volunteered and worked tirelessly to ensure it was a success.

“The Ride for a Brighter Side event continues to have a positive impact on the community and the PLA award again shines a light on the tremendous community input for an important cause,” he said. “Mental health, particularly in young people, is a very important issue that is too often overlooked and we are committed to continue helping provide services and support in these areas.”

The Kade MacDonald Foundation was established in 2018 to raise money for mental health and suicide prevention, after Kade took his own life in October of that year.