Student Resources & FAQ

Everything current students/parents need to know about Swimming Lessons, from details on booking make-up lessons, to submitting your SA Sport Voucher, to our best practice procedure for having students ready to go at the start of their class.

Swimming Lesson Video Enrolment Guide


What is the Watch Around Water Policy?

Children under 5 – must be accompanied in the water and remain within arms reach of an adult.

Children under 10 – must be accompanied and constantly supervised by an adult.

In swimming lessons, students enrolled in Babies & Toddlers classes require their parents to be in the water with them. In all other swimming lesson classes, parents are still expected to abide by Watch Around Water with constant supervision of their children under 10.

Can my child use the pools outside of swimming lessons at no cost?

Yes, we encourage students to practice their newly learnt skills. However the Purruna pools are very busy, so please check the online pool availability before coming. Students simply need to scan their card to gain entry, and accompanying parents and guests pay standard casual admission fees.

Do you offer Private Swimming Lessons?

We have a limited number of private swimming lesson timeslots available (primarily 3:30pm Tuesday - Friday). 30 minute private lessons cost $55/class, billed fortnightly via direct debit. Standard swimming lesson terms apply, with the exception of missed classes (no make-up classes are available). If interested, complete the below request form, or email us your questions.

Participant Details

Responsible Person Details

Parent / Guardian / Nominee

About the Participant

(e.g. current ability, degree of support required, etc)

Availability & Site Selection

Private Swimming Lessons are subject to pool and teachers availability, typically offered during ‘non-peak’ times during the day or before or after mainstream group swimming lessons.

Can I take photos of my child in their swimming lesson?

The YMCA welcomes the capturing of your magic moments on camera or video, however privacy of others must be respected. The use of cameras and video cameras at this venue is conditional upon the following:

  • You must have all relevant individuals consent to use images
  • It is illegal to broadcast or publish images without consent
  • Under no circumstances are cameras, video cameras or mobile phones to be used in change room areas
What qualifications and checks do our teachers have?

Our teachers hold nationally accredited Teacher of Swimming & Water Safety Certificates, along with current CPR and Working with Children checks. All teachers that teach infant or disability lessons hold specialised qualifications.

Account and membership

Are there make-up lessons for missed lessons?

We get it, life with kids is unpredictable! If you are unable to attend a swim lesson you are entitled to a ‘make-up lesson’ at no cost. Every student can use 12 make-up lessons per 12 months of enrolment. All make-up lessons must be booked online via the Customer Portal. Full details Make-Up Lesson Policy.

Do lessons occur on Public Holidays?

There are no lessons held on Public Holidays, and you are only charged when lessons are held (in other words you are not charged for public holidays).

What happens if my child has injured themselves and cannot swim for an extended period of time?

Medical suspensions are available at no charge for students who are unable to attend 2 or more consecutive lessons. Medical suspensions cannot be back-dated, and must be arranged prior to the missed lesson in writing (in-person or email) and be accompanied by a supporting medical certificate. Suspensions over 6 weeks will be removed from their class and re-enrolled into a suitable class with vacancy upon return.

How do I pay for swimming lessons? What if direct debit payments reject?

Convenient fortnightly direct debit payments encourages continual skill development with no re-enrolment process. Every second Thursday the agreed debit amount will automatically be withdrawn from your nominated bank account or credit card. Generally the debit will be for the cost of 2 lessons (any outstanding debt is automatically added to the debit). If a debit has failed, you will be notified via text and email in the days following the debit. A $15.00 fee is charged for any rejected debit.

If an account is not paid after two consecutive failed debits, the student will be removed from the class, and the swimming lesson membership and centre access will cease immediately. If your membership is cancelled due to rejected debits, you will need to pay any outstanding balance and re-enrol into an available class

Can I suspend my Swimming Lesson membership?

We do not offer standard suspensions. However, we do offer a convenient and flexible Make-up Lesson Policy to cover up to 12 missed lessons per 12 months (this would cover most absences related to family holidays and illness).

Swimming lessons are also automatically suspended for two weeks over the Christmas holidays. We also offer medical suspensions which are available at no charge for students who are unable to attend 2 or more consecutive lessons. Medical suspensions cannot be back-dated, and must be arranged prior to the missed lesson in writing (in-person or email) and be accompanied by a supporting medical certificate. Suspensions over 6 weeks will be removed from their class and re-enrolled into a suitable class with vacancy upon return.

How do I cancel my membership?

Swimming lesson memberships are perpetual direct debit agreements with no “lock in” minimum period or cancellation fees. We simply need 14 days written notice of cancellation - this can be provided in person (old fashioned form) or via the form below (we will confirm receipt and last day of lessons for all cancellation emails).

With 14 days notice, this generally means you will have two more lessons. Noting you pay lessons in advance there may be a partial debit still taken out after notice is provided (depending on the day of lessons and day of cancellation).

While most of our students enjoy building the skill of swimming year round, we completely understand if you wish to take some time off (we hope you choose to restart with us again when ready). If there is a particular challenge/issue prompting your cancellation, or have feedback to share, we would love to hear from you! Feedback form

Swimming Lesson Cancellation Request Form

The above details are used to find your membership account. If they do not match what our records it could delay your request for cancellation.

Swimming lesson cancellation terms

The Centre requires 14 days written notice of cancellation, which means one more direct debit will be charged after the cancellation request form is submitted. Therefore, you will have 2-3 more lessons after notice of cancellation is submitted (your last lesson date will be confirmed with you). All outstanding fees must be paid in full prior to cancellation, and any credits on your account are non-refundable. We will always respond and confirm your cancellation (a copy of this submission is emailed to you and we suggest you keep this for your records).

Attending class

What do we need to bring to class?

We suggest as possible coming ready to swim (bathers already on). But we have change rooms including dedicated family change rooms available.

For swim lessons you will need bathers, towel, goggles (if over the age of 3) and also dry clothes to change into after their session. Parents, don't forget you are in the water to if in our Baby program.

Does my child need goggles?

Goggles are not a compulsory part of our program however we highly recommend children gaining experience both with and without goggles.

Do I have to be in the water with my child during the lesson?

If your child is under 3 and/or enrolled into one of our Babies & Toddlers Classes (Starfish, Periwinkle, Minnow) then a parent/guardian must be in the water for the lesson.

We recommend parents/guardians wear a tshirt while in the water to give children something to hold on to.

Can my child wear a normal nappy in the water?

Infants are required to wear a swim nappy. We generally have stock available at Customer Service if needed. Standard nappy's are not permitted in the pool.

What if my child becomes upset during their swimming lesson?

Please be aware that it is common for children at this age to have difficulty adjusting to swimming lessons. Most children will settle within a few weeks; however we do encourage parents to bring bathers along during this time, in case your child requires additional support.

How will I know that my child is ready to move up?

All students in our program are continually assessed by the teacher for improvement and readiness for upgrading to the next level. Once they feel that a swimmer is ready, they will notify the supervisor for a formal assessment.

Skill tracking and assessments are available in the Customer Portal. Once all skills are attained you will receive an email prompting a class transfer to the next level (all done online in the Customer Portal).