Babies & Toddlers

Our Baby & Toddler program is designed for babies 6 months through to 3 years with a focus on water familiarisation. Using songs, games and activities, your little one is taught basic water skills such as floating, breathing, and movement.

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The Details

  • For babies 6 months through to 3 years
  • Parent or caregiver supports the child in the water
  • Held in our warm program pool
  • Flexible - the aim is for a relaxed and fun swim - so don't stress if you're a bit late, need to leave or early, or rebook a lesson with our generous make-up policy.
  • Fun & social - As one of the first organised activities with your little one, the program is designed to be fun and entertaining. Many parents also take the opportunity to catch up afterwards in our cafe over a coffee.
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$22.30/class charged fortnightly via direct debit

No start-up fees, lock-in contracts, cancellation penalties or need to re-enrol when advancing levels. Your swimming lesson membership will be charged fortnightly until cancelled (2 weeks notice period applies).

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Getting started is easy as 1-2-3

  1. Use this page to get an idea on which level is most suited. Don't overthink it - we dive into more detailed level assessment in step 3.
  2. Click a Class Timetable link (opens a new window) to view day/time availability for that level. Click 'Enrol Now' to start enrolment.
  3. Create the parent account first, then the student account. Follow the prompts, including a series of questions to help confirm which level is most suitable (don't stress too much on level selection - if needed we can adjust after an initial lesson).

All enrolments are completed online through the Customer Portal. If you get stuck please watch the enrolment guide (bottom of page), or if required give us a call. We can also walk you through an enrolment in person on your device or one of ours. A payment source for ongoing debits is required to complete enrolment.

Aqua Babies

Free water familiarisation program for 3 - 5 month-old babies.

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Baby & Toddler Levels


  • Parent in water with child
  • Introduction to submersion activities
  • Reaching & grasping for safety
  • Buoyancy & floatation activities
  • Blowing bubbles on surface
  • Socialising with group activities
Age Range
6 months - 1 year
Class Size
Up to 8


  • Parent in water with child
  • Increasing water confidence
  • Foundations in aquatic skills
  • Entries and return to safety
  • Supported front and back float
  • Submersion confidence
  • Front & back basic kick
Age Range
1 - 2 years
Class Size
Up to 8


  • Parent in water with child
  • Building aquatic independence
  • Floating and submersion
  • Push & glide skills
  • Kick and paddle skills
  • Independently jump & return to edge
  • Encouraging self-rescue
Age Range
2-3 years
Class Size
Up to 8

Suitable class not available? Submit a Class Notification Request.

Swimming Lesson Enrolment Video Guide

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