Free Child Memberships

The YMCA wants to raise a healthier generation and encourage families to be active together - to do this the YMCA is offering FREE Child Membership as a 'benefit' of Studio Membership at Purruna.

The child must be under the age of 10 and reside with the eligible member. FREE Child Membership provides the equivalent access privileges and inclusions as allowed by a child casual admission to the pool. Children under 10 must be actively supervised at all times while in the centre and do not have access to amenities/classes which are not age-appropriate such as the gym, fitness classes, etc.

Instructions to set up a FREE Child Membership will be emailed to eligible members.

Terms and conditions

  • Children under 10 must be accompanied and actively supervised by an Adult (16Y+) at all times in the centre. Aligned with Watch Around Water policies, children under 5 must be within arms reach of an adult at all times while in the pool.
  • FREE Child Membership entitles the child under 10 to access the aquatic facilities when available for public/member use.
  • Studio Members (including Scotch Exclusive and Foundation) are eligible for the benefit.
  • FREE Children membership can be cancelled from within the customer portal, or will automatically expire on the child's 10th birthday or upon the cancellation/expiry of the Studio Membership, whichever comes first.
  • By registering for and using the FREE Child membership, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and will abide by the Centre’s rules, regulations and conditions of entry. In addition, you will not hold the YMCA of South Australia, its facilities, licensees agents or employees liable for any loss or injury whatsoever which may be sustained while at the Centre, subject to statutory rights.
  • YMCA South Australia maintains the right to change or end the FREE Child Membership benefit at any time, or cancel a FREE Child Membership for any reason, including breaches of the Terms & Conditions.