Wellness Studio FAQ


What classes are available at Purruna?

In our reformer studio we run reformer Pilates classes catering to strength, technique, cardio, flexibility and mobility. Our second studio space offers low impact classes including mat Pilates and yoga, while in the pool space we offer AquaFit classes.

How old do you have to be a member? What youth options are available?

Standard wellbeing studio pricing, including memberships, class packs, and single admissions is for those 16 years and older.

Youth 10-16Y may purchase an Aqua Membership (lap swimming & recreational swimming).

Youth 13-15Y may participate in mat Pilates, yoga, and AquaFit classes via single entry or class packs. Youth under 16U are unable to participate in Reformer Pilates.

Do I need to be a member to participate?

No, we also offer single casual admissions and class packs.

Single admissions can be purchased in-person on-site (a basic customer account must be completed). Single admissions can not book a class in advance, so we suggest viewing the live timetable for class availability.

Class packs are another alternative to membership. Purchasing a class pack enables pre-booking of classes 4 days in advance (members can book classes 14 days in advance). Class packs are purchased online via the Customer Portal.


How do I book a class?

Studio class bookings can be made in the Purruna App or online in the Customer Portal.

  • Classes can be booked 14 days in advance (4 day in advance for visit pass holders and casuals)
  • Maximum of 2 classes per day (1 per day for visit pass holders and casuals)
  • A total of 4 active bookings at any one time
  • A 5 spot ‘standby list’ is available. If a spot opens the first person on the standby list is automatically added to the class booking (email and SMS notifications are sent).

A class booking is not required, but highly recommend to avoid disappointment.

Missed class penalties

Booked classes can be cancelled up to 2 hours prior to the class without penalty. Customers which do not attend 2 booked classes within a 21 day period will be blocked from making a class booking for 7 days. Any classes booked prior to the block, but during the block period, will be cancelled. This applies to members and non-members.

Class standby list

Once a class fills, a 5 spot standby list is available. Anyone booked into the class can cancel their attendance and free up a spot up to 2 hours prior to the start of the class without penalty. If a spot opens the first person on the standby list is automatically added to the class booking and an email and SMS notifications are sent.

Attending classes

What do I need to know for my first class?

We encourage you to arrive at least 10 minutes early so we can discuss any pre-existing conditions you may have. If you are attending a reformer Pilates class for the first time you may need to purchase grippy socks and go through a reformer orientation before class begins.

Grippy socks must be worn for reformer classes for hygiene and safety reasons. We have a range of high quality MoveActive grippy socks available for purchase at the Centre for $21.95 (members also receive a 10% discount).

If you are attending a single class and it is your first visit, keep in mind you will need to create a customer profile first. We suggest coming 15 minutes prior to facilitate this and purchase the class.

What class should I start with?

If you are looking to book into a reformer Pilates class, Calm Form is a perfect first class choice. The pace is slower so you will have time to familiarise yourself with the equipment and understand how to position your body. If you can’t make the Calm Form times, try Re Form. This class works on technique and will offer beginner options, up to advanced. Let your instructor know it’s your first time so they can assist you during the class.

Our yoga and mat Pilates classes are suitable for all abilities and also great for beginners.

What do I wear to class?

Work out wear you can move unrestricted and feel comfortable in. Grippy socks are required to be worn for reformer classes for hygiene and safety reasons. We have a range of high quality MoveActive grippy socks available for purchase at the Centre for $21.95 (members also receive a 10% discount). You are welcome to wear other brands of grip socks (e.g. Bounce).

What should I bring with me to class?

For all classes please bring a water bottle and sweat towel, this can also be useful rolled up for extra support in mat Pilates classes.

Grippy socks are required to be worn for reformer classes for hygiene and safety reasons. We have a range of high quality MoveActive grippy socks available for purchase at the Centre for $21.95 (members also receive a 10% discount).

Can I attend with an injury or mobility issue?

Yes but it is recommended to consult with your medical practitioner first. Always notify your instructor of any existing conditions so alternate exercises can be provided. As this is group exercise, we cannot offer rehabilitation programs and recommend consulting with a physio.

Can I attend while pregnant?

Yes but we recommend consulting with your medical practitioner first and notifying us. The Pilates Studio Manager will discreetly guide you through safe exercises throughout your pregnancy. Please tell your trainer that you are pregnant before class so they can ensure programming is safe, and remember to bring extra water to stay hydrated.

After having a baby, how long should I wait until going to class?

You should wait until being cleared by your doctor or mid-wife, 6 weeks post-natal. Please pass any relevant information onto your instructor so we can provide suitable modifications.

I have never tried Pilates, can I still do a reformer class?

It can take a few classes to really get the hang of the reformer movement and body positioning but it won’t be long till you’ll love it just as much as we do! We recommend booking into Calm Form or Re Form for your first class.

How physically fit do I need to be to start?

We cater for all levels from beginner to advanced. Our classes have varying intensity levels so start with Calm Form if you’re unsure. Be kind to yourself if you are just getting back into fitness and you are most welcome to take breaks where required. It is your journey and we aim to support you along the way.

Can I do private or 1 on 1 classes?

While we currently don’t have private classes on our timetable, we can definitely facilitate these. Please discuss your needs with our Studio Manager at angie.ashri@ymcasa.org.au.


When do I pay membership fees?

All memberships are paid via fortnightly on Thursday (it may take a couple business days for this charge to go through). Payment dates can be viewed in the Customer Portal.

What happens if my payment fails?

Members are responsible for ensuring a valid direct debit payment source. If a debit fails a $5 administration fee is applied to your account to cover the fee we are charged for a rejected debit.

You will be notified of any failed debits by email with a direct link to pay off the outstanding balance. Any outstanding balance will automatically be added to the next debit. After two failed debits we reserve the right to cancel your membership.

How can I freeze/suspend my membership?

Direct debit memberships (Studio and Aqua) provide flexible and generous freeze/suspension entitlements:

  • 2 fee free freezes (min 7 days, max 28 days)
  • 2 $1 per day freezes (min 7 days, max 28 days)

Each freeze can only be used once per 12 month period (12 months based on the anniversary date of the freeze). So in total there can be 4 freeze periods in 12 months of membership - the actual number of days on freeze however will vary depending on customer preferences. A customer could 'max out' their freeze with 8 weeks of fee free freeze and another 8 weeks at $1/day. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a member could use up all 4 freezes with only 2 weeks of fee free and 2 weeks of $1/day.

All freezes are self-managed within the Customer Portal. Once a freeze credit is used, it cannot be refunded, but can be removed to facilitate early return. The 'Contract Freeze' button will not be visible in Client Portal if the account is in debt or midst of settlement of a direct debit.

Please contact Customer Service if you require an extended membership freeze for medical reasons. All medical suspensions are free of charge upon the presentation of a valid medical certificate that covers all requested dates of suspension.

Suspensions, including for medical reasons, cannot be back-dated. The Member agrees that in the event that he or she does not attend the Centre or use the facilities for any period during the Membership without previously arranging suspension of Membership, the Member will have no entitlement or right to claim and the Centre will not be liable to reimburse any fees or other payments made by the member.

Membership paid upfront and visit passes cannot be suspended put on hold, cancelled or transferred.

How can I cancel my membership?

The Centre requires a minimum of 14 days notice of cancellation. The direct debit within this 14 day period will be a pro-rata for the remaining days in the period.

Cancellation is to be completed from within the Customer Portal, or alternatively in-person (via membership amendment form) or by email. The 'Contract Freeze' button will not be visible in Client Portal if the account is in debt or midst of settlement of a direct debit.

All outstanding fees must be paid in full prior to cancellation. We reserve the right to cancel your membership/enrolment if two or more direct debit drawings are returned unpaid by your nominated Financial Institution and you fail to arrange an alternate payment method.

Credits on your account are non-refundable and will be automatically applied to future fees payable. Membership paid upfront and visit passes cannot be suspended put on hold, cancelled or transferred.

Do you offer any discounts on memberships?

We offer discounts for current Scotch College students and staff.

YMCA SA Reciprocal Rights (member benefit)

Your Studio Membership provides you with access to select YMCA South Australia managed sites. Reciprocal access opens up 200+ weekly group fitness classes, pools, and stadium courts around the state. Reciprocal rights allow All Access members to use YMCA managed facilities while travelling as well as an opportunity to complement their existing centre experience with something new. Mix up your usual routine by incorporating a swim, shooting some hoops, or trying a new group fitness class at another site.

How to use

  • Plan your visit - check the website of the site your visiting to confirm hours and the group fitness timetable (you can view opening hours and group fitness timetables on each centres website). You are unable to pre-book classes at visiting sites.
  • Bring a piece of ID and your membership card and check-in with Customer Service staff, letting them know which YMCA site you are visiting from. You can also show proof of membership via the Purruna App.

Need to know

  • While visiting another site, you have the same access privileges as you would if you purchased an All Access casual admission:
    • Includes gym access, group fitness, pool, stadium courts, etc.
    • Excludes member benefits such as KidsClub, 24.7 access, Free Child Memberships, Friends Free Friday, etc
  • The majority of your visits must be at your 'home' location (Purruna Spencer Newton Centre)
  • Aqua Memberships do not include reciprocal rights access.
  • Holdfast Pilates is not included in Reciprocal Rights.

Participating Locations

Free Child Membership (member benefit)

The YMCA wants to raise a healthier generation and encourage families to be active together - to do this the YMCA is offering free Child Membership as a benefit of holding a Studio Membership at Purruna. The child must be under the age of 10 and reside with the eligible member. Free Child Membership provides the equivalent access privileges and inclusions as allowed by a child casual admission to the pool. Children under 10 must be actively supervised at all times while in the centre and do not have access to amenities/classes which are not age-appropriate such as the gym, fitness classes, etc.

Instructions to set up a free Child Membership will be emailed to eligible members.

Terms and conditions

  • Children under 10 must be accompanied and actively supervised by an Adult (16Y+) at all times in the centre. Aligned with Watch Around Water policies, children under 5 must be within arms reach of an adult at all times while in the pool.
  • FREE Child Membership entitles the child under 10 to access the aquatic facilities when available for public/member use.
  • Studio Members (including Scotch Exclusive and Foundation) are eligible for the benefit.
  • FREE Children membership can be cancelled from within the customer portal, or will automatically expire on the child's 10th birthday or upon the cancellation/expiry of the Studio Membership, whichever comes first.
  • By registering for and using the free Child membership, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and will abide by the Centre’s rules, regulations and conditions of entry. In addition, you will not hold the YMCA of South Australia, its facilities, licensees agents or employees liable for any loss or injury whatsoever which may be sustained while at the Centre, subject to statutory rights.
  • YMCA South Australia maintains the right to change or end the free Child Membership benefit at any time, or cancel a free Child Membership for any reason, including breaches of the Terms & Conditions.


1. To add a Free Child Membership, open Client Portal (in a browser or App), click the Children tab.

Step 1 image

2. Click Add family member

Step 2 image

3. Click Free Child Membership then click Next.

Step 3 image

4. Complete Child account fields.

Step 4 image

5. Once account fields are complete and terms and conditions read and accepted, click Next

Step 5 image

6. Accept terms & conditions (sign), then click Next.

Step 6 image

7. The child contract has been assigned. Click 'Go to Family' to go back to the Client Portal.

Step 7 image

8. The child membership can be viewed under Contracts / Suspensions, click the dropdown to select the child. If you wish to add a free membership to a child with an existing account, this can be done from this page, click "Add contract".

Step 8 image

9. Click on the membership to show details.

Step 9 image

10. Done.

Step 10 image

Here's an interactive tutorial

** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **


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