22 February 2024

Aqua Babies turns 1!

Our Aqua Babies program has had more than a splash of success in the last 12 months!

AquaBabies has turned one, with over 640 babies under the age of 6 months old participating in the program in the last 12 months.

The AquaBabies program is a free program for babies aged 3 – 5 months which provides an opportunity for babies to familiarise themselves with the water and learn new skills in a fun and safe environment. Not only is there is a real focus on developing coordination, muscle strength, motor skills, movement and stimulating senses, but it opens up the nurturing space to form the memories between carer and child at these early integral stages.

We’ve seen a wave of wonderful experiences being formed in the water. Let’s hear from some of our participants...

PURRUNA Caitlin and Leo 2

Caitlin with baby Leo at Purruna Spencer Newton Centre

“I have loved the free introductory program, it has been a great way to experience how Leo reacts in the water before investing in swim lessons. Leo has learnt what it is like to be around the water, including all the different noises. The program has really helped with that water association. The program has also helped me to understand how to hold Leo in the water safely, it has been a confidence booster as a first time parent.”

VALLEYS Ash Bryce and Huey 2

Ash, Bryce and Huey at The Valleys Lifestyle Centre

“Over the past 3 months, witnessing Huey gain confidence in the water, delight in collecting ducks, and playfully splash around with friends has been truly heartwarming.

The journey continues as Huey transitions into the Periwinkles class, where we're excited for him to embark on new water adventures, acquire more skills, and build even greater confidence.”

FAC Lyndsee and Everley 2

Lyndsee and Everley at the Fleurieu Aquatic Centre

“Aqua Babies has been such a great experience for me and my daughter. I would have had no idea where to start with introducing her to the water, but Aqua Babies has done just that in a fun and engaging way for both me and her. Plus the added bonus of watching her play, chat and giggle through the lesson. It’s been great for meeting other mums too. We look forward to it every week.”

PARKS Farra and Henry 2

Farra and Henry at the Parks Recreation and Sports Centre

“I originally attended to expand my mum’s circle and get out of the house. What I didn’t expect was such an educational structure for babies and parents to be water safe.

There were no sales pitches, just knowledge, support and fun. The bonus; we all get great coffee after and get to see our babies growing up together.”

PLLC Laura and Oscar 2

Laura and Oscar at Port Lincoln Leisure Centre

“We learnt that going in the water is fun! The sooner the better… The best thing was seeing Oscar enjoy himself and seeing the progress week after week. The program has helped me get out of the house, build confidence in Oscar, and knowing that Oscar loves the water!”

Activating our commitment to keeping local communities safe and active, at the end of the free Aqua Babies program, children can then easily progress into the regular swimming lessons the Y provide, from 6 month olds to adult swimming lessons.